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“I have had the pleasure of working with Ellington Digital for several years. They have helped with branding, developing my logo and sharing with the digital world my essential message of raising dementia awareness around the world. Their team understands my mission to change the way dementia care is provided, both professionally and from family, and I owe my success and their relief to all they have done to support this mission. I trust that I am in the best hands possible and am forever grateful for their hard work and dedication to this important cause.”

The work you do is so important, and the marketing that supports it deserves just as much thought and care. Our multi-layered approach to marketing takes you where your target audience spends their time, nurturing relationships until they come through your doors. When you work with our team, you unlock a full suite of marketing services and skills; it’s just like hiring an entire marketing department, without the additional employee costs and resources. Schedule a free one-hour consultation and elevate your level of care.

How can you business benefit from our
Digital Marketing Services?

Marketing strategy

Reach your sales goals with a meaningful and customized marketing strategy that is as unique as your community.

Digital Ads

Attract, engage and convert leads through targeted and retargeted campaigns that gets you in front of people who are likely to walk through your doors.


Show your brand’s story instead of telling with captivating high-quality videos that visually showcase the level of care and service you provide to your residents.

Content Marketing

Polish your digital presence and put your best marketing foot forward with engaging content on the platforms that your future clients spend their time on.

Email marketing

Nurture relationships and keep the conversation going with email drip campaigns to keep your audience excited about you.


Amplify your brand’s unique voice with strategic communications through the media outlets already trusted by your shared audience.

Lead generation

Capture the attention of people most relevant to your brand and nurture relationships throughout the sales cycle with strategic and effective lead generation workflows.

Website Development

Stunning user- and mobile-friendly websites that are designed to be found and easily navigated once they capture the attention of those who matter.


Get discovered by the people who matter most to your community with a multi-channel online presence that all points back to you.

Online reputation

Strengthen trust and turn the volume up on the voices of those who already know how great you are with online review management.

We attract decision-makers, nurturing relationships from your brand’s channels all the way into your doors.

Ready for your business to make some online power moves?