Why senior living communities should consider video marketing


Selecting a senior living facility can be a difficult task. Seniors and their adult children are faced with a challenging, life-changing decision that is frequently difficult to negotiate when emotion and reality collide.

It’s easier than ever to evaluate a business online, thanks to the rise of individual communities employing websites, social media, testimonials and third-party ratings and evaluations. While this digital data is valuable, communities must tailor their strategy to make a real difference. Potential residents will be attracted if you reach out to them in a supportive and engaging manner. The easiest method to do this is to create and distribute high-quality video material.

Consumers claim video helps them make purchasing decisions in 90% of cases. Seniors are not excluded from this. However, senior living marketing is complicated, subtle and hasn’t always included digital. Still, with today’s widespread adoption of mobile and social across generations, it’s become critical for marketers to target seniors and their families through dynamic digital techniques.

Let’s look at why video content is so effective in reaching this demographic:

The fundamental differentiators of senior living communities are revealed in this video. Marketers can demonstrate what it’s like to live in a senior living complex by highlighting good experiences and emphasizing essential services and amenities. In addition, video material can create excitement in an otherwise difficult transition by capturing features of communities that would otherwise go unseen by target markets.

Video material has a positive impact on SEO. You can also use video to help you improve your Google results. In today’s search engine algorithms, video is taken into account when calculating page rank, and the length of time visitors spend on a page is considered when determining its authenticity. These characteristics complement and enhance overall digital marketing efforts, increasing the visibility of a community’s website during a user’s search.

Brands come to life through video. Video is the most effective approach for senior living marketers to develop a genuine relationship with prospects and their families. Because deciding whether or not to move into a senior living community can significantly impact the rest of a person’s life, the online experience they have must resonate with and represent what the brand has to offer.

First impressions matter. These narrative videos help build your brand, educate families and raise awareness of the work your communities undertake to improve their quality of life.

More than ever before, seniors are connecting with digital information. As they spend more time online, seniors are becoming more active in digital communication and more technologically sound. In fact, over 50% of those 65 and older use the internet regularly and video reaches them.

Video content improves the user experience on a website and social media. Many senior living marketers believe that producing consistent, high-quality videos is too expensive or time-consuming. Video is one of the most significant kinds of communication for recruiting new residents in today’s fast-paced digital world. Using today’s digital and social networks, it can be done quickly and cheaply. To be effective, most videos do not need to be expensive or of good quality. Many viewers nowadays seek authenticity, uniqueness and brevity.

Over 30% of baby boomers use YouTube to learn about services and products rather than nonvideo media. In addition, seniors have embraced YouTube and on-demand media formats, underscoring the need to reach out to them across all digital platforms.

Prospective residents and their families can watch a video of their senior living experience, establish a stronger bond and communicate with other residents, resulting in higher satisfaction and more move-ins.

Senior living communities must be aware of how personal and emotional the decision-making process may be. Therefore, it’s critical to realize these people’s difficulties and utilize storytelling to build a meaningful connection with them.

Showcasing client resident stories is a great way to build trust along the customer journey, and there’s no better way to do it than through video. In addition, marketers who recognize the baby boomer generation’s technological prowess will successfully generate brand exposure through effective video marketing methods.